'We have been extremely happy with Kasey's service, the people she has selected on our behalf, the training she has provided for them and the continual commitment to both us as a business and to the staff she has recruited.'

As employers, we understand how hard it is to get good workers.  Some industries experience difficulties attracting and retaining reliable labour.  It can be the nature of the beast -  running a business in a regional and sometimes, remote Australia.   The owner of Powerpac, Kasey Rudd and her family has been running businesses in regional Australia for over 35 years.  To put it simply, staffing can do your head in!!


Powerpac can help take some pain away.  At Powerpac, we love providing Australian Employers with real, proven labour solutions.  Providing businesses with easy, productive, reliable and loyal workers is our mantra.  And we honestly, love our workers and their aims are simple  - they will work hard for you - when you need them - in return for earning Australian Award wages. 

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